School reopening delayed

The reopening of schools will have to be postponed due to the COVID-19 virus, said the Secretary to the Ministry of Education, Prof. Kapila C. Perera.

He said the reopening of schools after the end of the second term was scheduled for November 9, however schools will not be reopened as planned due to the spreading COVID-19 pandemic.

The professor further said that he has requested the recommendations of the health authorities regarding the reopening of schools and that the opening of schools will have to be postponed due to health recommendations.

Several school children have been infected with COVID-19 virus and a curfew has been imposed in 122 police divisions.

The Secretary of Education also stated that distance learning will be resumed in a manner that will not hinder the education of the children.

He also says that a special system will be set up for children in rural areas who are less privileged to participate in distance education.

Although the school holidays were to start from October 9, it started from October 5 to protect students due to the pandemic.

The holiday was given to 4.2 million children in all private schools, including 10,175 government schools.

The third term after the GCE Advanced Level examination is scheduled to begin on November 9 and the third term is scheduled to end on December 23.

Accordingly, the new school term in 2021 was scheduled to begin on January 4.

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