New Chinese Ambassador for Sri Lanka Qi Zhenhon arrives

The newly appointed Ambassador of China to Sri Lanka, Qi Zhenhong, arrived in Colombo on the evening of October 30, 2020 by China Eastern Airlines flight, the Chinese Embassy said in a statement.

Due to the current epidemic situation the new envoy will assume his office after 2-week quarantine, according to the Embassy.

Sri Lanka Prime Minister’s Office has sent flowers and a congratulatory letter to the Embassy in advance to extend a warm welcome to Ambassador Qi.

Ambassador Qi is a senior diplomat and former President of China Institute of International Studies.

After arriving at Colombo Airport, Ambassador Qi delivered a written speech to all Sri Lankans, Chinese institutions in Sri Lanka and overseas.

New Chinese Ambassador for Sri Lanka arrives

The full text of his greetings is as follows:

Dear Sri Lankan friends and my Chinese fellow citizens,
The minute I landed on the land of Sri Lanka, “the Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, its beauty, hospitality and kindness have made me feel very touched and heart-warmed. Entrusted by the government and the people of China, I assume my office as the new Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka with deep honor in my heart and great responsibility on my shoulder.

The friendly relations between China and Sri Lanka could be traced back thousands of years ago, and our two countries are strategic cooperative partners based on sincere mutual assistance and ever-lasting friendship.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, especially after President Xi Jinping’s visit to Sri Lanka in 2014, we have seen much achievement in bilateral exchanges and cooperation in various areas, and maintained close communication and coordination on international and regional affairs.

More recently, the time-tested friendship and trust between our two countries have grown even stronger through the joint fight against COVID-19, which set a great example of foreign relations with sincere friendship and mutual support between different countries.

As the new Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, I look forward to working with all colleagues and friends both from China and Sri Lanka, and striving for more achievement in the years to come.

Let’s join hands to implement the consensus reached by leaders of our two countries, promote our strategic cooperative partnership, build the Belt and Road Initiative and other cooperation with extensive consultation and joint contribution, so as to bring tangible benefits to our two people and better ensure peace, stability, development and prosperity in this region.

Once again please accept my greetings and gratitude.

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