Massive fine if mask rules are not followed…

While our showbiz industry is now, almost at rock bottom, the entertainment scene, in the UAE, is still operative!

Nothing is back to normal, though, and will never be, but Merlina, who has been in Dubai, with her band, Mission, for almost a year now, says she is happy with the little things that are coming their way.

She and her band were without work for almost four months, because of the lockdown, and, then, gradually, found things opening up for them, once again – but only as a trio.

No bands (four-piece and over) are allowed to work, in the UAE, at this point in time.

“It is a wonderful feeling to be back on stage (since August) as a musician, and to do what I love doing…and that’s entertaining,” said Merlina.

Yes, the folks, in the UAE, are experiencing the second coronavirus wave and new rules and regulations have been laid down, by the authorities concerned

According to Merlina, if you don’t follow the rules, you pay a fine and, mentioning an example, she says one has to pay a fine of 3000 Dirham for not wearing a mask, or not wearing it the proper way.

Before the new regulations came into force (because of the second wave), entertainers could have gone on till 3.00 am, but now everything has to wind up by 1.00 am.

Merlina’s trio setup continues to perform at the Tantra Club, Fortune Karama Hotel, in Dubai.

“With so many restrictions, imposed by the authorities, sometimes guests do get upset because I say ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ to them and everything else – from the stage only.

“I don’t talk to them, like before, because I don’t want to take a chance.

“I don’t want to be upset about the things that I can’t control. In fact, I’m counting my blessings.

“For some people, life doesn’t allow them to make their passion, their profession, but I was able to make my Passion my Profession. Now, isn’t that a blessing!

“I’m Thankful to God and happy for where I am today,”

Merlina went on to say that she believes that in life everything happens for one’s own good.

“I am leaning so much every passing day; even the Coronavirus pandemic, I believe, has taught all of us a good lesson.

So, whether we like it or not, we need to learn to live with it, till a proper cure is found.”

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