Opposition protests

By Saman Indrajith

Inadequate numbers and lack of coordination led to the failure of SJB’s attempt to disrupt yesterday’s (21) parliament sittings with a protest against the 20th Amendment Bill.

SJB MPs arrived in Parliament in a motorcade led by Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa and entered the Chamber, wearing facemasks the slogan, ‘vinashakari vissa epa’ (‘say no to destructive 20’) and red armlets similar to the Nazi armband with a logo against the 20th Amendment instead of the black swastika in the white circle.

The motorcade of around 25 MPs started form the Opposition leader’s office at No 30, Marcus Fernando Mawatha arrived at Parliament roundabout at the Polduwa Junction and proceeded along the road to Parliament. After alighting from their vehicles, the SJB MPs followed opposition leader Premadasa shouting ‘vissa epa’ (No to 20) around 9.45 am.

They remained wearing the protesting facemasks and armlets in the chamber but their protest did not draw the support of other opposition parties including the JVP and the TNA. 

Parliament sittings commenced at 10 am as scheduled and the session proceeded without any disturbance.

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