Government is seeking public opinion on the drafting of a new constitution for Sri Lanka

Public consultation has been initiated to draft a new constitution to replace the second republican constitution of Sri Lanka, Secretary to the Ministry of Justice MMPK Mayadunne has informed.

An Extraordinary Gazette notification has been issued informing the general public of Sri Lanka that an Experts Committee to Draft a New Constitution appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers, has been mandated with the formulation of a draft Constitution to replace the Second Republican Constitution of Sri Lanka, for consideration by the Cabinet of Ministers and Parliament.

Accordingly any member of the Public, who wishes to submit any proposal, ideas or views with regard to the same, could do so in the Sinhala, Tamil or English Languages, on or before 30th November, 2020, addressed to the Secretary, Expert Committee, No. 32, Premises No. 02, Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07 or by electronic mail to

The gazette requests to ensure that all submissions are typewritten on A4 paper and a new page is used for each topic mentioned below:

a. Nature of the State
b. Fundamental Rights
c. Language
d. Directive Principles of State Policy
e. The Executive (President/Cabinet of Ministers/The Public Service)
f. The Legislature
g. Franchise and Elections including Referenda
h. Decentralization/Devolution of Power/Power Sharing
i. The Judiciary
j. Public Finance
k. Public Security
i. Any other area of interest not specifically referred to above.

Further information on this can be obtained from the official website of the Ministry of Justice at or through the Extraordinary Gazette Notification of the Government dated 20.10.2020, the Secretary to the Ministry of Justice further informs.

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