Single use plastic, polythene ban from January 1

The Cabinet of Ministers approved a proposal made by the Environment Minister to ban single-use plastics and polythenes from 1 January next year, said Udaya Gammanpila, Minister of Energy Co-Cabinet Spokesman.

Speaking at the Cabinet Media briefing held yesterday, Minister Gammanpila stated that regulations such as a ban on the production of polythene of 20 microns or less, a ban on the manufacture of polythene food wrappers and a ban on the burning of polythene in the open environment were implemented with effect from 1 September 2017 in order to minimize the environmental damage caused by polythene.

The Central Environmental Authority has also taken measures to encourage an alternative to forbidden polythene while certain regulations are in effect.

  • Prohibition of packaging of chemicals or pesticides in Poly Ethylene Terephthalate (PET) and Vinyl Chloride (PVC) containers and use packaging’s made of glass or other raw materials as an alternative.
  • Prohibition of sachets made of polythene and plastic less than 20mI/20g, use packages of 100 ml/100g or more as an alternative (excluding food and medicine). Prohibition of various inflatable toys made of plastic (excluding balloons, balls and floating toys) and the use of toys made of eco-friendly and hygienic raw material as an alternative.
  • Ban plastic cotton buds (excluding hygiene products) and use cotton buds made from biodegradable materials as an alternative.
  • Mandating to indicate the l-7 Codes Internationally recommended to promote the recycling of all plastic products.

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