Pavithra reveals Brandix brought 48 Lankans from India By Saman Idrajith

Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi told Parliament yesterday that 48 persons had been brought down from India to the Brandix Apparel Limited and all of them were Sri Lankans and there was not a single Indian among them.

Responding to a question raised by opposition leader Sajith Premadasa, the Minister said that the authorities were still in search of the origin of the COVID-19 cluster at Minuwangoda. “When we ascertain the true facts, we will inform parliament of that,” she said.

“As soon as the reports of the first known case came up, that was on Oct 3, the President summoned all government stakeholders responsible for preventing the spread and instructed them to take necessary action immediately. Authorities are working round the clock seven days a week to contain the disease. The 48 Sri Lankans who came to the Brandix factory in Minuwangoda underwent the quarantine process for 14 days. In addition they underwent home quarantine for 14 more days. Those processes were completed under the supervision of the army,” the minister said.

She said that the government had taken action to provide Rs 5,000 to each family affected by the disease in the areas where curfew had been declared. “This is a global pandemic. Even if an injection was found we would not be able to get rid of this until we inject all Sri Lankans. Even after that we have to pay attention to the fact that we cannot let our guard down until the pandemic is swept away for good from other countries. The threat will remain till then,” she said. 

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