“We have adults who still watch Cartoons..?”

Few years back an award-winning female film director stated in a TV interview that; “We have adults in Sri Lanka who still watch Cartoons. What is this mean? They are mentally not developed and still think as children. Even though we make films for adults and present debatable subjects they cannot understand what we discuss in our films”. She was referring to popular cartoon films/series  such as;  Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Donald Duck, Garfield, Mickey Mouse, Scooby-Doo, Snoopy and Tom and Jerry etc.

Her argument is that; “They are not characters in real world and created only for education and fun for children.  Thus, the children enjoy them. But in Sri Lanka many adults sit at the TV and watch these cartoons and enjoy. Then how could we discuss a serious issue or subject in our films when we have a huge population of adults with the minds of children” she questioned.

Saccam wants to see how different people react and respond to this statement and share with its readers; Here is the question to its readers and their answers:

“Are only Children enjoying cartoon films? If adults too like them, what is wrong in adults?

“Cartoons are much better than films meant for adults. Cartoons are creative and entertaining too. most provide a moral story too.” Maxwell Ranasinghe – A senior lecturer on Marketing and motivational trainer.

“There are plenty of adults who like them. Nothing wrong.” Doelf Weder – Former European YMCA Executive.

“Cartoons or animated films. Whatever it is there is no such thing as kids’ movies only. There are only movies that you like and do not like. There are many adults enjoy watching cartoon movies just as much as little kids do. Those are the shows that whole family can enjoy watching together. Cartoons always has happy ending. Comedies are suitable for people of all age-groups.” Shanthilal Hettiarachchi – Aviation Executive and writer.

“What is wrong in children liking cartoons. If you find a reason for that, there is a higher probability that the same reason might apply to adults.” Ridma Fonseka – YMCA Executive and youth worker.

“I have no clear idea. May be those adults may have children’s mind to enjoy them as children do” Herman Kumara – NGO/Social movement Executive

“Adults are enjoying cartoon films more than children. In fact, I do.  I do not think anything wrong with them or me” Lahiru Sameera – Young Executive

“I don’t see any wrong. But there is an age specific interest in different ages. Specially youth like love adventures etc. But some cartoons are universal. New cartoons (animated) about Air and fire benders (these are Japanese) youth like it. I am a youth worker here in Canada, so I know what they prefer. Any film should aim for a particular audience. If not, it will not run. Even though Dharmasena Pathiraja’s award winning movies like “ Bambaru Awith” and “Soldadu Unnahe” were not popular because it not address the common audience. I think people need people’s cinema not a PhD thesis. Chamly Coonghe – Youth worker,’

Dileepa Wanniarchchi, the CEO of Born To Win Relationships comes out with bit of a professional analysis on the statement. He is a teacher and a trainer keeps in touch with children as well as parents; Why some people love to watch cartoons ?

My response may not be hundred percent accurate. There might be controversy too.  Although we expect responsible, serious behavior from an adult, we would love to have the opportunity to delve into our past experiences as a child. According to psychoanalyst Eric Berne, in the Parent, Adult and Child (PAC model), man has a parent, a child and a teacher. These are called egos. Although we all want to infiltrate the child ego, many people still suppress it. But the child ego of some comes out naturally. This is especially true when emotions are aroused. I think it is fair to call watching cartoons and going to the child ego in that entertaining situation.

But some are not able to enter the adult ego as fast as the child ego. This does not mean that they still like the behavior of children.  Adhering to the intelligence of an adult is a somewhat burdensome task. When a serious problem arises, they are reluctant to enter the adult ego except to find a proper solution.

This makes it difficult for the child ego to watch a movie that has a classic or deep meaning because there are times when it is difficult to understand. Not every point in those films points the finger.  Especially gives the viewer the opportunity to think and decide by mostly stimulating the left brain. What one person thinks may not be what another viewer thinks.

But watching cartoon movies does not require much in-depth analysis to understand them. Stimulation of our right brain can be a powerful factor in understanding them because of their beautiful, interesting and strangely shaped characters. They are full of heroic adventures and do not give us much opportunity to think, the characters’ intentions and phenomena are immersed in us. So Eric Burne’s PAC model helps us to introduce the viewer’s tendency to watch cartoons and movies that have a deeper meaning.

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