If you do not learn to speak properly…

When I saw a review of a political critique on Youtube today, I wondered why people do not feel like talking about positive things.  Professor Mehrabian, who conducted the survey, says that only 7% of people translate their emotions into words. He says the remaining 93% are non-verbal. So, ideas that turn thoughts into words with restraint: Someone’s garbage, Wrong with, A shortcoming, and Bad things.

To state that 93% of the ideas that could not be translated into the words of that person’s mind are ruled by negativity. Or are there just a few negative thoughts in the mind that are a mixture of positive and negative?

According to Mehrabian, 55% of the above 93% of unspoken expressions are made up of body language (55%) and 38% by the use of tone of voice. So, do you think that 93% of your opinions are positive and only oral opinions can be negative?

It cannot happen. The same thing applies with urgency when your subconscious is negative. Conscious mind gives inputs to sub-conscious mind. That is, when the conscious mind is negative, the sub-conscious mind conforms to it and emits negative emotions. Body Language (55%) shows it clearly. Tone of voice (38%) indicates it. Professor Mehrabian says very few (7%) come out of words. So, you can imagine that even if your whole communication is negative, very little is said.

Let us take a look at the opposite side here. If your heart is filled with positive thoughts of compassion, kindness, perseverance, love, and sacrifice:

The tone of your voice is not threatening. Very smooth. Your body language is commendable. The words are lyrical. Interesting. Not rough. Not offensive. Not insulting. Your whole communication is positive.

One more thing we need to know. You cannot do anything verbally without hiding what your subconscious is saying. Nor can anything be said contrary to the subconscious using the vowels of the voice. Body Language cannot be intentionally altered.

But very few, like politicians, have the ability to hide what is underlying and say something else. The survey was conducted by Niccolo Machiavelli, an Italian. He is a philosopher. That’s why these people are called Machiavellians. Fraudsters can be called Machiavellians. Some professions have to be Machiavellians. For example, detectives.

So, it is very difficult to deliberately change your emotions, which are expressed in three ways at once. Anyone who expresses negative, sinful, disgusting, or destructive thoughts is a person who likes those ideas. Someone who loves it. It gives him great satisfaction to express them. Often, they even like to experience it. He does the same at home, among friends, and at the office. Think about such a person in your workplace. His personal life is not so happy either. Like the mind, life is hell. Think of such a neighbor. About someone who blames you if you open your mouth. That person is making that garbage kingdom like a worm. They love that kingdom.

Also, no one talks about what they do not like. It will not be a monarchy at all. So much so that he is not at all ready to comment or express himself. For example, you do not want to talk about something that happened to you, no matter how important it may be to others. Even if someone else had such an experience but you do not want to talk about it so much.

This makes it easier for those who listen to you to understand the nature of what is going on in your mind at that moment. You express your mood whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. That is the nature of your mind.

Be careful, if others who saw this article understand you exactly from today.

Dileepa Wanniarachchi

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